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Start a New Life Free of Drugs & Alcohol

Hope Rehab is fully licensed by the Thai Ministry of Health & an accredited residential treatment centre where you will be supported every step of the way. Our team of professionals will help you build a solid base for life without addiction, alcohol & drugs. You will benefit from the most effective evidence based therapies available including; Individual Counselling, Group Therapy CBT, Mindfulness-Meditation, Mutual-aid-meetings, Relapse-Prevention, Fun Fitness activities, Thai boxing and Thai massage.

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Celebrating with a Great Opportunity

Hope Rehab Pool

Many clients are already booking for the New-Year 2022. We still have space available now. Rather than leave beds empty we are offering them at reduced rate of 30%. Our admissions team will help you get here; all you have to do is book your place. Use the contact form on this page and Natalie or Parice will be in touch.

Our world class residential service is provided in a unique, inspiring and grand facility owned and leased to us by the Thai Consulate General to Monaco. The 20-bed Estate extends over 5 acres all within protective stone walls for your peace and serenity. Each client room is single occupancy with shower and internet access.

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Rehab Rates

Important: To get started fill in the contact form below. We email details & arrange an assessment. Once your admission is agreed, you pay a deposit to book your place.

We understand that cost is a significant factor for clients and their families and we are determined to keep our rates as low as possible without affecting the quality of treatment or your clinical safety. Please enquire as fees are calculated according to length of stay.

Help a Loved One

Watching a family member or loved one struggle with addiction is painful and can feel overwhelming at times. Substance abuse and mental health might be the toughest challenge your family ever faces. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a lot of the phone calls we receive at Hope Rehab are on behalf of a dear one. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a consultation of to download our free resources from our website. For further reading follow the link…

Evidence-based addiction treatment that works

We understand your current problems are just a small part of who you are. This is why we practice a holistic approach. We treat our clients as people as well as treating the symptoms and the conditions they suffer from. We offer a community where you can begin to transform into the person you deserve to be – the person you want to be. If you feel ready to change your life, we provide everything you need to make this change possible. Note: Hope Rehab is not a substitute for a psychiatric clinic so if you require a psychiatrist onsite we would not be the right place.

Fully licensed & internationally acclaimed

Group Therapy program & 3 one-on-one sessions

24/7 Medical Support & Detox

Member of FDAP & NAADAC; accredited by the APCB

Safe & secure environment far away from triggers that might lead to a relapse

100-page workbook full of hands-on exercises

Proven track record of success

Perfect climate for detox & recovery

Hope has been extremely fortunate that the author, Gabrielle Harris write this eye-opening book about her experience’s observing Hope Rehab’s program, interviewing our staff & our clients. Download a pdf copy here using our link to the Hope library…

On our library page you will find Hope’s most pressures recourses, all developed by our team. We have decided to give these Workbooks away to anyone who needs them, although they are designed to be used with the help of professionals.

Hope Changes Everything

Psychologists believe all change starts with hope, program overview….

Hope has had a lot of interest from the international Media, published a series of articles. Also we regularly are asked to provide opinions and comments by global media sources such as the Guardian and Independent. So feel free to visit our Media page and check out some of the reviews of hope by respected journalists who have stayed here. follow the link here

Hope has received many powerful and positive testimonials from our clients. We recommend you take a few minutes to read some and gain insight into what is possible. These reviews mean the world to the staff at Hope who dedicate their lives to this work. Follow the link to read our reviews…

Take a tour around Hope

Here is a short film made by Pete Doherty when he was a guest at Hope. We are very grateful to all those people and ex-clients that have helped build and promote our wonderful service, either in the media or by word of mouth. Hope has changed quite a lot since this film was made and has many new facilities and a separate new advanced centre.

Muay Thai Boxing

Fight your way out of addiction with Muay Thai Boxing! At Hope, you can train the famous ‘art of the eight limbs’ 6 days a week. Our experienced coach Yuth will help you get a grasp of the basic kicks & punches. If you enjoy Muay Thai you’ll get the chance to advance your skills. Read more here

Some benefits

Muay Thai Boxing

Hope provides medication assisted alcohol and opiate detox, also for many other substances. Senior team member Paul is a specialist addiction nurse. The safety and comfort of clients is our priority. We work in partnership with our local Hospital who provide all medication. NOTE: We do not offer a Detox only service because Just a detox is unlikely to be a lasting answer for anyone and can be dangerous. More…

Giving up substances is going to remove a major source of suffering from your life however It is never going to be possible to entirely eliminate stress/anxiety/depression so having a healthy coping mechanism is important. Mindfulness can be an effective anti-depressant. Read more about our mindfulness program here

Most clients have no problem appreciating the benefits of mindfulness, but can struggle to apply it into their daily life. This is why our daily mindfulness program and coaching can be a huge help. Mindfulness gives you the ability to deal with Triggers & Cravings effectively by observing your thoughts and feelings in a more objective way instead of just reacting to them.

Most clients have no problem appreciating the benefits of mindfulness, but can struggle to apply it into their daily life. This is why our daily mindfulness program and coaching can be a huge help. Mindfulness gives you the ability to deal with Triggers & Cravings effectively by observing your thoughts and feelings in a more objective way instead of just reacting to them.

CBT is the most immediate & effective therapy available. This approach will help you understand how beliefs & thoughts ‘self-talk’ affects your behaviour & life generally.  CBT provides you with the tools to help you stay sober & live a positive healthy life. 

The Daily Groups and Workshops at Hope Rehab often start with presentations by our counsellors & psychologists followed by an exercise with client participation & Group psychotherapy. Our Group program is powerful & stimulating. It best prepares you for recovery and the challenges in life after treatment by sharing with peers and getting feedback.

Hope’s Individual Counselling & Therapy program. Hope provides two Individual counselling sessions weekly, in addition to this you get a further session with your mindfulness coach and afternoon sessions with you Sober-Coach who help you complete your assignment work. Our intensive program has been designed to give you the best chance of success. 

DBT is a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychotherapy (talk therapy), and mindfulness. The word ‘dialectical’ means the interaction between two opposing forces which in this case would be change and acceptance. This approach has been around since the 1980s introduced by the psychologist Dr. Marsha Linehan

Contact Parice

Contact our international admissions Counsellor Parice or Admissions Manager Natalie, and take the first step towards your new life. They will help you with further information & advice.  They will also guide and support you through the simple process of getting to Hope. Fill out the contact form and Parice or Natalie will email and call you back. Parice is based in the UK which can help with communications. Please allow for time zones.

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Getting to Hope

After you have decided to join the Hope program it is time to arrange flights. Fly to Bangkok’s international airport ‘Suvarnabhumi’ airport code BKK. Hope Rehab is situated one hour from Bangkok airport on the coast. Long haul international flights are reasonably priced today, especially to Bangkok. Research shows flights are cheaper on weekdays.  Our staff will meet you at ‘Meeting point one’ in the arrivals hall and drive you straight to Hope.

Hope Addiction Treatment Center

Traditional Thai Massage

Some pampering is going to make your stay all the more enjoyable, but this is not the only reason we offer Thai massage. It is also an effective therapy that eases any lingering withdrawal symptoms, increases energy levels, releases stress, and promotes relaxation. Our programs includes two Thai Massage sessions weekly with highly trained Massage therapists.. read more about the benefits on our website here.

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How long should I stay?

Hope Rehab offers 30-day intensive treatment programs; that is to say, we pack in a lot of activities, therapy, and learning into one month. This is because many people simply do not have the option to stay longer. For some drugs, such as opiates and Benzo’s, we require a minimum 2-month commitment due to a longer detox period. For clients with the time and the resources, we also recommend staying as long as possible. This is why Hope has developed a second stage program.

"Long-term treatment for long-term success"

As we all know, addiction isn’t conquered overnight. For many, it took time to develop the habits and behaviours that feed addiction. So it stands to reason that it will take time to change. A simple detox or quick fix is a “flight to health” and rarely achieves lasting results. Addiction is a consuming and powerful condition. However, it is treatable with the right help and program. It is after the initial adjustment period that you really begin to deal with underlying emotional and social conflicts. With this in mind, it is important to allow for up to 3 months initial rehabilitation. 

Once you have completed two-months primary treatment at Hope, it is then possible to join our advanced program. The advanced program has its own 15 bed cosy facility by the sea opposite the main centre. Here you build upon the foundation of basic treatment. Some ex-clients may get to volunteer at Hope Rehab depending on availability and suitability. Download our Advanced program brochure here...

Hope Addiction Treatment Center

Most of the clients who attend Hope Rehab suffer from either stress, depression and/or anxiety. All are common experiences for most human beings at some point in their lives and are common feelings shared by many addicts and alcoholics. Stress, depression and anxiety  can suck all the joy out of living. Some of us turned to substances in an attempt to deal with this discomfort. The Hope program address more than just your addiction and prepares you for life beyond your wildest dreams.

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Food at Hope

Healthy eating is a key part of the program at Hope Rehab. We recently expanded and renovated our kitchen. We did this because we recognize the importance of mealtimes for the community. Clients need to work hard to get the most out of their time with us, so a suitable diet gives them energy to do what is needed. Of course, there is more to eating than just putting fuel in the body, so we do all we can to make mealtimes something to look forward to. The food is a fusion of western and asian cuisine. To keep your treatment costs at a minimum we cannot provide individual diets for any reason.

Food at Hope
Food at Hope
Food at Hope
Food at Hope
Food at Hope
Food at Hope
Food at Hope
Food at Hope
Food at Hope
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Rooms at Hope

Accommodation: all 30 client rooms are single occupancy, cleaned daily, with shower and internet access. Hope is a 5 star treatment program which is a special type of luxury. Your comfort is important to us.

Rooms at Hope
Rooms at Hope
Rooms at Hope
Rooms at Hope

Hope Housekeeping Team

Say Hello to our wonderful domestic team, the girls are from a remote village up in the hills on the boarder of Burma. They cook all your tasty food, make sure your room is clean and fresh and are very gentle and kind people.

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Intern Training Program

Hope has an ongoing intern training and education program with several major EU and UK universities. We select qualified candidates 10 times a year. The candidates work along side our team and clients to get practical experience of modern addiction treatment methods. Hope invites applications from all individuals studying related subjects (including people in recovery in related education) – Addiction studies, Counselling, Fitness, Psychology, Social work, & Nursing. The 10 places includes accommodation and food, we have a minimum commitment of 3 – 6 months.

Contact Natalie

Contact our international admissions Manager Natalie who is very caring and helpful. This will help you take the first step towards your new life. Natalie will help you with further information & advice.  She will also guide and support you through the simple process of getting to Hope. Fill out the contact form and Natalie will email you further details and call you back. Please allow for time zone differences. Please allow for time zones.

Natalie Admissions

IF you are looking for a rehab for yourself or a loved one, then Read through this list and get an idea of what Hope offers. We guarantee no other rehab can match what we offer for the cost. We are confident you won’t get the same level of treatment anywhere else in the world.


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For further reading & information click here to visit the Hope Rehab Homepage or download the Hope Rehab Brochure as PDF.

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